Electrical stimulation is delivered through surface electrodes on the skin, which can be adjusted to meet individual needs, and various forms of stimulation produce different effects for interoperability.


Haptic feedback enhances gaming by using vibrations to create tailored tactile sensations in response to in-game events, providing a more immersive experience for players across different platforms.

360° Audio

Our advanced wearable audio technology creates a three-dimensional sound experience within a defined “sweet-spot,” revolutionizing audio experiences and providing an unparalleled level of immersion for users.

ARAIG Can Work Wirelessly

The Transmitter

The Transmitter is used to transmit data either wirelessly or wired to the Exoskeleton. Also includes a power cord and AC / DC Adapter to provide power for the transmitter. ARAIG includes: 1 – Transmitter.

It Also Comes With

StimS Spray

Liquid spray used to guarantee conductivity of StimS with skin. The spray must be applied to the StimS before each use.

USB Cable

(TyBe A to Type A) to
connect the computer
to the Exoskeleton
or Transmitter
(for updates only).

BNC Cable

To connect the
Transmitter to the
Exoskeleton (for
wired use only).

USB to Mini

Type A to Mini to connect the PC or a gaming console to the Transmitter.

HDMI Cable

To connect the PC or a gaming console to the Transmitter.


ARAIG offers a unique enhancement to mainstream content through its robust Software Development Kit and direct support from our expert Software Development Team. This allows solution providers and content creators to focus on their core strengths while seamlessly integrating ARAIG as an added value to their products and solutions.

Tailor ARAIG and Fit Your Requirements

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