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StimS Shirt
Body Stimulation Sensors

Left Shoulder Speaker

Rear Speaker

Right Shoulder Speaker


Front Speakers

Coaxial Connector
(hardwite connection)

Arm Straps

Exoskeleton Front
(Vibration sensors)

The Suit

The ARAIG suit represents a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design, meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled haptic experience. At its core, the haptic feedback system employs strategically placed actuators and vibration modules that respond with remarkable precision to in-game events, creating a rich tapestry of tactile sensations. These sensations, generated in real-time, encompass vibrations, impacts, and nuanced effects that heighten immersion and bring the game world to life in ways never before imagined.

Complementing the haptic feedback system are an array of sensory input sensors that are intelligently integrated throughout the ARAIG suit. These sensors constantly monitor your movements, impacts, and physical stimuli, capturing every subtle detail and translating them into precise data. This real-time data serves as the foundation for generating highly accurate haptic feedback responses, ensuring that the suit synchronizes flawlessly with your actions, intensifying the gaming experience to new levels of realism and engagement.

Together, these technological marvels work in perfect harmony, orchestrated by the ARAIG suit’s proprietary operating system. This intelligent core utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze in-game events, interpret the data from the sensory input sensors, and calculate the appropriate haptic feedback profiles. Seamlessly coordinating the suit’s components, the operating system creates a symphony of sensations that respond to your every move, transporting you deep into the heart of the virtual world and allowing you to feel the game like never before.


Electrical stimulation is delivered through surface electrodes on the skin, which can be adjusted to meet individual needs, and various forms of stimulation produce different effects for interoperability.


Haptic feedback enhances gaming by using vibrations to create tailored tactile sensations in response to in-game events, providing a more immersive experience for players across different platforms.

360° Audio

Our advanced wearable audio technology creates a three-dimensional sound experience within a defined “sweet-spot,” revolutionizing audio experiences and providing an unparalleled level of immersion for users.



ARAIG stands alone as the world’s only haptic feedback solution that operates on its own dedicated operating system. This distinctive feature sets ARAIG apart from all other products in the market, providing unparalleled versatility and compatibility. With our proprietary operating system, ARAIG has the unique capability to seamlessly integrate with any gaming device or event infrastructure, revolutionizing the way haptic feedback is experienced. By leveraging our powerful operating system, ARAIG ensures seamless communication and synchronization, delivering precise and immersive sensations in real-time.

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